Are you considering personal therapy? Are you wondering who to contact?

As an experienced psychotherapist, I think that clear information helps us in our choices and decisions. Click on the link below to find out more about my work as a therapist. I hope this information will assist you to decide whether to contact me about personal therapy. 


I also provide training and consultancy, drawing from my journey as charity founder.

I am passionate about the need for innovative projects that grow from the ground upwards. If like me you are concerned at how fragmented many resident communities have become, please use the website to build a link, to ask about training on effective ways to build networks of emotional support or to find out if there are ways I can support you towards your community building goals.  

The blog is intended as a space for making connections.

It’ll be great if you can make time to read my blog – and by all means email me with your thoughts and responses. Each entry isn’t intended as a monologue but as a way of making connections for applying therapeutic insights so as to improve the streets and neighbourhoods where we lead our everyday lives.