Getting in Touch

When asking for help, it is important to know that you are in safe hands. I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and I also hold BACP senior accreditation. I have trained in several major therapy traditions. I have a strong grounding in both the humanistic and the psychodynamic therapies. My experience and training enable me to take a position of openness, curiosity and respect for meeting people where they are on a therapy journey.  

I also work as a psychotherapist in the NHS where I see people with complex needs. The NHS is often a natural place to go for help when finding things difficult. It is important to acknowledge that there are limitations to medical approaches, though. A GP’s decision to prescribe antidepressants may, for example, contribute to feeling pushed into a passive position towards your own health and wellbeing.

Personal therapy is all about choice. Privacy and confidentiality are closely protected. And the act of paying for therapy is likely to support you to feel you are in the driving seat of the process.

People see me for personal therapy for lots of different reason. The following list is simply an outline of circumstances that can lead people to take that first step of getting in touch:

To help improve relationships, to address anger difficulties or to address challenges with parenting.

As part of a recovery journey, moving away from problematic coping methods – alcohol, drugs, isolation, avoidance, or over-eating - and seeking to gain more resources for managing.

Because at a major crossroad in life - following crisis, breakdown, redundancy, or bereavement.

To address events which are painful and difficult to come to terms with.

Or because of problems with intimacy or sexuality issues, difficulties with commitment, bonding or family dynamics.

You are welcome to contact me

On my mobile: 07817 947 984

Or by email: