I have a wealth of experience of working with others in the development of participatory projects.

I have delivered an exciting range of participatory training courses, including Listening Skills, Overcoming Obstacles and Conversational Skills Workshops.

I played an instrumental role in developing resident-led planning groups - for Connecting Families and for Re-Connecting Elders on a housing estate in Newham.

In NHS contexts, I have supported the development of User Involvement groups for people with complex health conditions. These included an Outsider Art Network, a gardening project and a Walk and Talk group. In each of these projects, people who felt excluded and marginalized made culture together, and the making of culture together has contributed significantly to improvements in how they live with complex health conditions.

I am also playing a part in building neighbourliness within the area where I live.

In 2015, I was commissioned to evaluate an innovative community hospice project delivered at a community centre. I designed an evaluation methodology, gathered data and wrote a report which demonstrated that living well with complex health conditions is essentially an active process. 


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